// Beer Trivia Game // Array to store questions and answers const questions = [ { question: "What is the main ingredient in beer?", answer: "Barley" }, { question: "Which country is known for its Trappist beers?", answer: "Belgium" }, { question: "What is the term for a beer made by small, independent breweries?", answer: "Craft beer" }, // Add more questions and answers as needed ]; // Function to start the game function startGame() { let score = 0; // Loop through each question for (let i = 0; i < questions.length; i++) { const userAnswer = prompt(questions[i].question); // Check if the answer is correct if (userAnswer.toLowerCase() === questions[i].answer.toLowerCase()) { alert("Correct! 🍻"); score++; } else { alert(`Wrong! The correct answer is ${questions[i].answer}. 🤔`); } } // Display the final score alert(`Game Over! Your score is ${score} out of ${questions.length}. Cheers! 🍺`); } // Start the game startGame();

Fly With Us

Keg Price List

Keg sales at the Brewery or email us and pickup at the Pizzeria/BeerShop 601 Broad St. Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 anytime 1130am-10pm daily.  


Aviator Brewing Co.  209 Technology Park Ln Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 (919) 567-BEER.  Open for kegs sales Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm.  We have taps also and a $50 keg deposit.

Aviator BeerShop & Pizzeria 601 E. Broad St. Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 919 346-8206.  Open for kegs sales EVERYDAY!  Limited Selection.  See here for current list!

Our Core Beers


Big Keg
(13.2 GAL)

Sixtel Keg
(5.17 GAL)
Hog Wild IPA $155 $75
Devils Tripel $165 $85
WideOpen Red $150 $75
MadBeach $150 $75
BlackMamba Stout $150 $75
3Bones Kolsch $145 $75
ChopShop IPA $150 $75
PushPop Creamsicle Out of Stock! $170 $85
Aviator Lager $155 $75
GigaBlaster NEIPA $199 $99

Hangar Series

Beer Big Keg
(13.2 GAL)
Sixtel Keg
(5.17 GAL)
PumpkinBeast (Aug 1-Oct 31) $160 $85
OktoberBeast (Sept 1-Oct 31) $155 $75


TakeOff Series

Beer Big Keg
(13.2 GAL)
Sixtel Keg
(5.17 GAL)
Pineapple Chaos IPA $189 $99
Aviator Amber (coming soon!) $155 $75
King Humulus $210 $99


Beer Big Keg
(13.2 GAL)
Sixtel Keg
(5.17 GAL)
HorsePowerDIPA $189 $99
SharkFight $165 $87
Haze is Strong $225 $120


Drink Big Keg
(13.2 GAL)
Sixtel Keg
(5.17 GAL)
AviatorRootBeer $99 $59

Our Beers


9.2% alc/vol SRM: 4 IBU: 31 

This Tripel ale will grow hair in places you don’t want. Our Tripel is a golden colored ale that has a fruity spicy flavor that finishes a bit sweet. The Devil’s Tripel is light tasting from the addition of candy sugar. We add just the right amount of hops to balance out the sweetness.


Available in 4-pack/12oz Cans, 4-pak/16oz Cans, 50L kegs, and 1/6bbl kegs



6.7% alc/vol SRM: 5 IBU: 108

A golden brew made with Pale Ale and Vienna malts. A veritable fest of Chinook, Columbus, and Cascade Hopps then dry hopped with Magnum and Williamette. A very hoppy and refreshing award winning ale


Available in 6-pack/12oz Cans, 4-pack/16oz Cans, 50L kegs, and 1/6bbl kegs



6.5% alc/vol  

This oatmeal stout has an explosion of flavor created by dark roasted grains, and a 2 row barley. A full bodied oatmeal stout that has tastes of chocolate and a smoothness from the oatmeal.


Available in 4-pack/16oz cans, 50L kegs, and 1/6bbl kegs.



5.2% alc/vol SRM:4 IBU:34

Crackpot Pils is a Bohemian style Pilsner with a crisp refreshing flavor with traditional Saaz and Hallertau hops.
Available in 6-pack/12oz cans, 50L kegs, and 1/6bbl kegs.